Wendi Thomas is now officially serving the 178th district after a dramatic election against opponent and former State Rep. Helen Tai. The newly elected state representative lost May’s special election, but claimed victory in November’s midterms.

Rep. Wendi Thomas joined her colleagues in taking the oath of office for the 2019-20 Legislative Session.

Thomas began serving the public as a community volunteer with her local parent-teacher organization. This led to her serving on the Council Rock School Board three times. She brings this experience as president, vice-president, and Finance and Academic Standards committee chair to the State House.

“I understand how a strong education system has a positive effect on our state,” Thomas said. “That is why I will support reducing unfunded mandates and restructuring state education funding so that our local school districts can put their dollars back in the classroom.”

The 178th district includes Churchville, Richboro, Upper Makefield, and New Hope. Thomas has a priority in mind for her time in office.

“Probably the first thing is to look at how we’re spending our educational dollars because I think there’s a ton of improvement that can be done there,” Thomas said. “We are requiring local school districts to spend money on things I don’t think we need them to spend it on.”

Her new website is http://www.repthomas.com/ and her office is located at 1038 2nd Street Pike, Suite 100, in Richboro. The district office number is 215-364-3414.