WBCB Video Streaming Lower Makefield Wegmans Hearing

The "Live, Work, Play" illustrative plan. Image courtesy of Lower Makefield Township.

The Lower Makefield Township Planning Commission will be listening to the public Monday night at 7:30 p.m. about a potential plan involving Wegmans and residential apartments. WBCB 1490 will video stream the hearing for anyone to view free of charge on wbcbnews.com.

Developer DeLuca Homes first pitched the “Prickett Preserve at Edgewood” at June’s Board of Supervisors meeting. It included 200 residential luxury apartments, with rent at $1,800 to $2,000 per month.

“Preservation As Vision” with the historic Prickett home. Image courtesy of Lower Makefield Township.

“Prickett Preserve at Edgewood is a vision to create a retail use and highend residential luxury apartment use, and create a live, work, and play neighborhood,” DeLuca said.

This new Wegmans-apartments combo would sit on a 36 acre plot between Stony Hill Road and I-295, across from Shady Brook Farm.

Residents at June’s meeting had mixed opinions. Many cautioned against such a large development in an already congested area.

“Lower Makefield is kind of unique in that it’s relatively quiet, relatively safe, and it’s not too crowded,” said Larry, a township resident. Larry was concerned about traffic conditions, police and fire resources, and McCaffery’s future in the face of competition. “I think this proposal would do nothing more than make us lose that uniqueness by opening up our township to additional development.”