Water Main Break Cancels School, Crews Respond

Crews on scene working to repair the water main break. Photo by Rick Rickman.

Update 11:47 – The LBCJMA released a statement updating residents about possible discoloration.

“Due to a 20″ water main break in Stonybrook this morning (9/19/19) our system experienced low/no pressure. We are currently working to repair the break. Due to the disturbance you MAY notice a slight discoloration in your water.”

For most Levittown residents Thursday morning, the faucets aren’t working very well. The Lower Bucks County Joint Municipal Authority has notified residents of several issues with water pressure this morning.

Water is flowing heavily from the break on Stonybrook Drive, continuing down the roadway for hundreds of yards. Water and mud are creating a messy situation at the scene.

A statement confirmed issues at the authority’s water plant and a water main break in the Stonybrook section of Levittown.

Statement from the Lower Bucks County Joint Municipal Authority.

“We apologize for the inconvenience and are working diligently to correct the problem,” it reads.

Schools are either not opening or sending students home, including Bucks County Technical High School and St. Michael the Archangel.

Trucks and crews are currently on site fixing the problem.