Wandling Interviews Potential Congressional Candidate

A potential primary candidate in the former 8th congressional district, was a guest on Speak Your Piece, Friday. Dean Malik, a Doylestown attorney, ex-Marine captain, and former Bucks County Assistant District Attorney, calls himself a Conservative Republican.

Malik was and is supportive of the Trump agenda, including immigration reform. And he said if elected he would vote to repeal Obamacare. Malik adheres to traditional Republican values, he says, and believes the GOP has “diluted” its principles and agenda to appeal to Democrat voters in many instances.

Furthermore, he does not support the philosophy behind No Labels, an organization of congressional and Senate members, both parties, willing to meet to discuss legislation and hopefully find common ground to pass legislation.

While Malik agrees with open discussion and solutions, he said No Labels negotiating often results in more Republicans moving toward Left/Democrat solutions, rather than a compromise that favors Republican principles.

Since the Bucks County Republican Committee does not usually hold open primaries, the party will endorse one candidate — but anyone can run for the office providing they get at least 1,000 voter signatures on a petition. But Malik says he is running with or without party endorsement, challenging the incumbent congressman, Brian Fitzpatrick, in the Spring primary election.

Also, the high court in Pennsylvania has determined new legislative boundaries and the 8th Congressional District that included all of Bucks County and a portion of Montgomery County will be called the 1st Congressional District. -PW