A Trenton man will be spending the next 11.5 to 23 years in state prison for sexually abusing a young girl from Bucks County.

Common Pleas Court Judge Diane E. Gibbons imposed the maximum sentence upon Darryl Jenkins, 53, whose victim told police he began touching her inappropriately when she was a child and continued to do so well into her teens.

Credit: Crime Watch PA — Darryl Jenkins, 53

Judge Gibbons said Jenkins caused, “the complete devastation of a young life,” and that he is, “an extreme danger to the community.”

Jenkins, a longtime employee of the Trenton Housing Authority, was convicted by a jury in early April of indecent assault of a victim under 16, unlawful contact with a minor, and corrupting the morals of a minor.

During the trial, Jenkins disappeared and went into hiding. He told his lawyer that he had checked into a hospital, though police checked area hospitals and reported there was no indication of him checking into any of them. Gibbons allowed the trial to continue without him.

Jenkins was not present for the verdict but was located by authorities in June. He pleaded guilty to an additional charge of default in required appearance.

Deputy District Attorney Kate Kohler says the defendant led law enforcement on a “wild goose chase” by misinforming his attorney about his location, and by changing his appearance and residing in multiple locations.

Jenkins’ attorney, Niels Eriksen, told the jury he respects their decision but that his defendant has, “another side,” and also has six children.

Kohler shared that Jenkins contacted the victim’s mother during the trial and manipulated his victim into temporarily recanting her story. After he vanished, the girl re-took the stand to affirm her abuse.

Jenkins was sentenced to one to two years for indecent assault, and consecutive sentences of 3.5 to seven years each for unlawful contact with a minor, corrupting the morals of a minor, and default in required appearance.

WBCB’s Rob Gilmore contributed to this post.