After the fatal overdose of a Falls Township woman last year, a Trenton man has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Senior Judge Clyde Waite delivered his verdict Thursday after a bench trial.

Terrence Ridley, 25, sold fentanyl and crack cocaine to local resident Amanda Risko for $60 on Mar. 21, 2018. Risko died the next day at the age of 24. She was found on Mar. 23 with bags marked “Rolex.”

Terrence Ridley, 25. Image via Crimewatch.

A sting operation later the same week resulted in an undercover agent purchasing the same marked bags from Ridley.

“We’ve prioritized prosecution of drug delivery resulting in death cases here in Bucks County,” District Attorney Matthew Weintraub said at the time of Ridley’s arrest. “The simple message here is: If you deal drugs, and someone in Bucks County dies as a result, the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office will do everything it can to hold you criminally accountable.”

Two other men are also facing charges for their alleged involvement in Risko’s death. Authorities say Risko gave the money to her friend Ronald Filderman, 57.

The pair then arranged for a third man to head to Trenton to meet Ridley. The alleged middleman is Michael Santangelo, 28. Both cases for Filderman and Santangelo remain open.

Ridley was also found guilty of drug delivery resulting in death, drug delivery, and related conspiracy counts. He will remain in Bucks County Correctional Facility until his sentencing.