State Rep. DiGirolamo Endorses $15 Minimum Wage

State Rep. Gene DiGirolamo speaks at a press conference in June.

State Rep. Gene DiGirolamo announced his support for $15 minimum wage at a press conference Tuesday. The declaration marks a separation from many Republican peers in state House.

“I am a Republican from Bucks County and I’m here to support raising the minimum wage here in Pennsylvania,” DiGirolamo told supporters. “It is embarrassing. We should have raised it a long time ago. I know the proposal is at $15 per hour and I think that is fair and reasonable.”

Governor Tom Wolf, a Democrat, has frequently voiced his support for raising the minimum wage to $12 per hour by the end of 2019, then increasing it to $15 gradually.

Currently, Pennsylvania follows the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.

At a Bristol Borough meeting with council, business owners, and Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick, many owners expressed support for raising the wage to $12. Others stated they did not want any wage raise, while others wanted a full increase to $15.