Could I get away without writing a word about our Eagles?
Even though it’s all been said by the sports pundits, the writers, our own Merrill Reese and, of course, the athletes themselves? I think not.

Yes, I became a fervent fan while watching the great Carson Wentz take the Eagles up and away, but then he was injured. It was one of those “oh, no” moments for all of us.

But enter Nick Foles – off the bench and certainly at the ready. He won and won and won. . .confusing the experts, but thrilling the fans. All along, the Eagles ignored the chatter, indeed, wearing the underdog label like a crown.

What made the difference? For one, they believed in themselves and knew Foles’ mindset and abilities. Foles had confidence in himself, and the team, the hard work it takes to win.

This Eagles victory is a lesson for life, punctuated by the words of Foles, himself. In a pre-game radio interview, Foles said he doesn’t focus on the outcome of the game, Super Bowl or not. Instead, he tends to think in the moment, in executing the play and then the next one. . . He likes to use the word: perseverance.

Now isn’t that a lesson for life? Focus on this moment and do the best you can, step by step, yard by yard, again and again, and success will come.
I love it.