There’s real news, fake news, and “spun” news and it’s not easy to tell the difference these days. It’s a blend, no matter where you look or listen.

As a journalist by trade, I am beyond sad to see the mission and the image of the press crumbling. What happened to “all the news that’s fit to print” and speaking truth to power? What happened to the “free” press, the sentinels at the gate, the purveyors of facts. Have they picked a side?

It is recognized that the so-called intelligentsia is top-heavy with liberals, socialists and Democrats and many of their protégés are working in the newsrooms of America.

It’s not new. I recall as far back as President Ronald Reagan a national poll found the newsrooms, the working press, leaned Democrat and the majority did not vote for Reagan. Meanwhile, the same poll stated media owners and executives were predominately Republican and most voted for Reagan.

Today, we may find it’s left-leaning all around.

In our world, there’s a glut of information from many varied sources and a media that fails to sort it out – straight up. Everyone is an analyst or editorial writer; therefore, it is more important that we, as individuals, recognize political spin and fake news and learn to discern facts from fiction.

As we talk about truth to power, power is the key word. The newsmaker-politicians in high places are focused on one thing: capturing or re-capturing the White House in 2020. So, it’s about power, not us. But horror of horrors – the press may be in cahoots!