We can start off with wishing you a very happy and healthy new year. It must be better!

Last year in the nation’s capital, there was outrageous political divisiveness and downright hatred of the duly elected president, Donald J Trump. The media went nuts and Trump fired back and there were constant spitballs defining our press conferences – the events that are meant to provide transparency and information not vitriol.

This week, the Democrats, with their new majority, smell even more blood in the water. They will sabotage the president’s agenda and have said as much. And how good is that for us, the American public? Not very. . .

President Trump has accomplished more in the last two years in certain areas, than the former president, for instance – and that is the view of those more analytical than yours truly. The president has taken a hard line with our allies and non-allies and it has worked.

He has made deals that benefit Americans, yet criticized for putting our country first.

Now, he wants to secure the border for safety and security, but is hasn’t worked according to his plan. Now, the enlightened one, Nancy Pelosi, is calling a border wall “immoral.”

So this is what we will be dealing with in this new year: The party in power will continue to be under attack, more so now that the Angry Democrats have gained control of the Congress. They mean business, alright. Nothing this president wants will be had if they have anything to do about it. And that’s what is wrong with our political system— when the goal is political power, not good governance.

As average Americans we owe it to ourselves to speak out. Democrats should be cautious of the new left and its attempt to shift the party further away from the mainstream (Democrats). They should be cautious of the crazies who screech in the streets and call on their friends to hassle any Trump people eating in restaurants, shopping or walking in the park. It is so kooky and to think that a Member of Congress is the initiator. . .

America is an exceptional country and Americans are fair-minded and resilient, as well. I believe we can get through this and both parties will do the right thing for the safety and security of our country and economic success on all levels.

What is going on with President Trump for the last two years should stop and will stop if right-minded people get together and call out the haters in their own parties. Stop trying to diminish the president who actually won the election. Get over it. It’s not doing any good and does not bode well for the future domestically or globally.

Let’s be part of the change. We need to change. Tell Washington to get busy and attack the real issues we have. President Trump is not one of them.