Speak MY Piece: Observing Flag Day

A member of the Patriot Guard Riders holds an American flag outside West Salem High School in Salem, Ore., May 5. (Photo by Spc. Matthew J. Burnettt)

Jun. 14 is a special day this year as always. It is a day to honor the flag that represents this great country, its founding, and principles.

Officially, it began in 1916, when President Woodrow Wilson established this date as Flag Day. “I therefore suggest and request that throughout the nation and if possible in every community the fourteenth day of June be observed as Flag Day with special patriotic exercises,” President Woodrow Wilson wrote in the document.

In 1949, President Harry Truman signed Flag Day’s permanent observance into law. It is not, however, a national holiday.

How nice it would be if the naysayers would honor the flag publicly and pay tribute to those souls who lived and died under the stars and stripes to ensure freedom and justice for all, here and around the world. Our documents and laws set us apart and we should be proud of that, knowing a cloth flag is symbolic of what we stand for.

It is a very old tradition. In 1777, the Second Continental Congress first established the flag as the symbol of the fledgling nation destined for greatness. And so, our flag remains a high-flying symbol of what we stand for — that has not changed.