How long have we been talking about the investigation into the Trump campaign’s possible “collusion” with the Russians – over two years? This past weekend we learned there was no collusion and, therefore, no obstruction of justice. One would think President Trump would now be able to get on with presidential business – right?

Hold on, the fat lady has yet to sing. The latest rallying cry of the opposition Democrats, apparently shaken to their shoes to learn Donald Trump was not in cahoots with the Russians, is to keep on moving with the same storyline. So the Democrats want to dissect the transcripts, even call the U.S. attorney general to testify before a House committee of befuddled politicians and pray New York’s district court judges will find something on the Trump family, all the while drumming up the case for impeachment.

So we thought the Russians collusion scheme was over – how naïve of us. Before the conclusion of a two-year investigation by top lawyers and FBI agents and a grand jury, Congressman Adam Schiff, a diabolical Dem. from California and chairman of the House Intelligence Committee predicted the president would be uncovered and members of his family would be indicted – all based on “documents” Schiff claimed he read. Schiff may be sticking by his story, but since he was wrong, he should resign from his chairmanship, at least.

Schiff, his cohorts in DC and all the haters, will keep this going until the 2020 election. It sure would keep the focus off the party’s Looney Left, their multi-trillion dollar Green New Deal, including its sky-is falling scare tactics, and opting out of fossil fuels and gassy cows.

Therefore, many House and Senate Democrats have cast a suspicious eye on the Muller report and will move ahead with their impeachment plan because they don’t have another plan to do what they were elected to do. Nor do they have a single candidate, today, who can defeat President Trump at the ballot box.