Why do we celebrate Labor Day?

I’m sure it’s thought of as another day off from work, another holiday, but history tells another story – an American story.

The official Labor Day actually began in the 1880s, an era of growth, development and back-breaking work, often in less than ideal working conditions.

With fledgling union inspiration, the first Labor Day, called a workingman’s holiday, got its start in New York City, Sept.5, 1882. This was an era when many immigrants, new Americans, were doing the work that built our cities and industries and raised a new generation by the sweat of their brows.

This holiday is clearly dedicated to the social and economic achievements of the American worker whose contributions helped create the highest standard of living and production in the world. That’s the story.

So, celebrate the day, raise the flag, and enjoy the beach, cookouts, wherever you are, but keep in mind Labor Day is a gift to our ancestors — to all of us — the American workers.