Has former Vice President Joe Biden fallen from grace in this crazy political climate, gender politics and the #MeToo movement? I guess so. He has yet to announce if he will enter the primary race for a presidential nomination, but his potential opponents have turned the sword on him.

One of his Democrat “friends” recalls that he kissed the back of her head years ago and went so far as to say “liked the way her hair smelled.” Then, another fellow Democrat said she was at a fundraiser with him in 2009, when he rubbed noses with her – no kiss – a nose rub. The charge in both cases was the then-vice president had “invaded their space” and what he did then was so “inappropriate,” but not noted, then.

I’ll give them that, but it does not rise to the level of a sexual nature, and it probably was what “Uncle Joe” thought was another friendly gesture, being the well known touchy-feely guy, a hugger, and even tearful at times.

Too bad those Democrat women didn’t say something to him then, but that was before Bernie Sanders, and his replay movement. Inn fact, the woman with the nice-smelling hair is a Bernie Sanders Democrat and only refreshed her memory of that nine or 10-year-old incident after Bernie got into the race.

There is more to Joe Biden than that, but he’s caught up in his own party’s treachery.

Read what WBCB had on its news site in October, 2016 before the Hillary loss. Loyally,
Biden was out campaigning for her, but this story says a little more about him.

Former Vice President Joe Biden stopped in Warminster, Bucks County (Ann’s Choice) to announce a new partnership between his late son’s foundation and Doylestown Health to provide training for the medical staff on how to prevent, recognize and appropriately deal with child sexual abuse. Also, the former vice president said the foundation currently is in discussion with several organizations to expand partnerships nationwide.

Biden said the partnership fulfills Beau Biden’s pledge to train five percent of Delaware’s population through the Darkness to Light Stewards of Children program – and continue the mission. Beau Biden, who died of brain cancer in 2015, was Delaware’s attorney general.

I would bet the store that the vice president hugged one or two or more at Ann’s Choice that day. But today is a new day and we all should take a good look at what the Democrats have done to try to destroy reputations of those seeking appointments, as in Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and now anyone other than the anointed, as in Beto.

None of it is idealistic. It is not about women’s rights, justice, human decency; it’s about political power.