Should convicted felons have the right to vote? So far, they do not, but Sen. Bernie Sanders would have it another way.

Sanders, who wants to run for president again, believes everyone should have the right to vote. “It’s a right,” he shouted at a university campaign stop. “Americans have the right to vote. It’s our right,” he repeated.

We also have the right to be free, right? But if you rob a bank or kill someone, or bomb a crowd, you’re going to lose your right to roam free. Convicted felons have lost the right to be part of society and go to prison, so should they be permitted to vote in an election outside the walls?

Bernie Sanders is adamant about a lot of crazy things and now he’s added yet another. In his latest outing, and in response to a question, he actually said even the incarcerated Boston Marathon bomber should have the right to cast a ballot. Indeed.

It seems Sanders and all the other echoes are looking for votes anywhere to expand their base. And it is obvious it doesn’t matter to Democrats with an eye on the White House if you’re behind bars, in the country illegally, or 16 years old. Hey, a vote’s a vote.

However, I’m not alarmed. The average American voter – Democrat or Republican – won’t buy into that scam because it cannot be justified. Thus far, there’s no convincing argument to give one of our most sacred “rights” to anyone who has violated the law of this land so egregiously that they’ve become numbers behind bars, doing time, paying their debt to society – from which they have been removed.