A brief observation: Another Capitol Hill day dominated by the Trump Derangement Syndrome. Actually, the first day, Tuesday, was designated to be a House Appropriations Committee meeting on funding for the Department of Justice. But Wednesday, there was more of the same with U.S. Attorney General William Barr, again, on the hot seat.

Barr, experienced, respected, forthright, and cool, handled many questions, likely scripted, from some Democrats who intimated that Barr may be running “defense” for the president – in his summation of the Muller report, that is.

Knowing that a larger, redacted version was on the way, the Democrats are in unison in demanding the report in its entirety. The redacted material is said to contain classified material and names of individuals who were not indicted and confidential under the law, the lawyers say.

Some suggest the attorney general was protecting the president when he and his team reported – on the report – there was no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. Isn’t it amazing that no one realized it was the Muller team that came up with the no-collusion conclusion.

All of this lingering dislike (and more) of the president is the fallout from the defeat of Hillary at the hands of a brash, political newcomer; however, Trump was the better candidate, better message and masterful in both strategy and marketing.

It may be an over simplification, but the Democrats fear another match-up with the president and another defeat, so they remain intent on overturning the last election, through plots and schemes and name-calling and conspiracies… And on the political side coming up to 2020, more and more Democrats are coming forward with free stuff, cockamamie plans for cleaning the air and destroying the economy, eliminating the historic electoral college, reparations and letting anyone who can walk and talk – vote.

Winston Churchill once said, the appeaser keeps feeding the alligator hoping he won’t be eaten, but it only means the alligator eats him last.