A South Korean woman visiting family in Warminster has plead guilty to brutally murdering her 90-year-old mother with broken house items. Judge C. Theodore Fritsch accepted the plea agreement late last month.

Sun Hee Kim, 65. Image via Crimewatch.

Sun Hee Kim, 65, called police last April, telling dispatchers she killed her own mother.

“I killed a woman. I killed my mother,” Kim said on the phone. Kim had a ticket to fly home to South Korea the next day, but would never board the plane.

Detectives found elderly Chung Sook Chang, a Warminster resident, stabbed from behind with pieces of a porcelain plate and picture frame.

Reports indicate neighbors heard sounds of crying and yelling in a foreign language. Less than an hour later, police found Kim covered in blood and Chang dead on the floor.

Kim was diagnosed with schizophrenia four decades ago, but was not taking her medication for the last five years. Her sentence includes 10 to 25 years in state prison.

Once she has served parole, Kim will be deported back to South Korea.