The Bucks County Consumer Protection Office is warning people of a localized scam spreading throughout Bucks. It involves a scam caller impersonating local officials and demanding money in the form of gift cards.

Bucks County Sheriff Milt Warrel.

Reports warn of one victim who believed the caller really was Sheriff Milt Warrell. When it was all said and done, the resident lost about $650.

Consumer Protection Advocate Mike Bannon reports roughly 60 people have reached out to his office in the past week alone. Bannon calls this a significant bump up.

“We have gotten calls about these imposter scams that have been on the rise in general. People get phone calls from government officials or some kind of fake authority that makes threatening comments,” Bannon explained. “They’re hoping to get information or money out of consumers.”

Many victims are reporting the same phone number on the caller ID: 215-933-3797. While these scammers are using the names of local officials, Bannon says this is not a localized phenomenon.

“I think we’re starting to see it happen across the country,” Bannon said. “It has happened in the past and been around for about a year or so. It certainly seems like many people have received a lot of calls in the past month.”

The scammers have used several identities, including Deputy Brian Jacobs and Deputy Samuel Fisher. However, these people do not exist. Other callers have used real names, but any suspicious residents can contact the Sheriff’s office at 215-348-6124 to verify the content of a call.