Falls Township is trying to make one of its community parks on the river a new hot spot for people to spend their free time. Quaker Penn Park will be a more peaceful place thanks to pending installation of surveillance equipment and lighting.

Parks & Rec Director Brian Andrews says these upgrades are designed to make the riverfront park a more enjoyable environment for residents.

A sign in Quaker Penn Park. Image via Facebook.

“We want to make it more user friendly for our park patrons,” Andrews explained. “And add more activities down there, especially targeting families.”

These additions aim to build on last year’s efforts to ensure days full of fun and safety at the park. A riverfront clean up, new playground, new picnic tables, and compost toilet facilities all make for a more appealing environment.

“We’re trying to get more activity down there and take advantage of the Delaware water front,” Andrews continued. “Having a park on the water front is very rare and we want to maximize that potential.”

Quaker Penn is primarily known to many as a boat launch. But Public Works Director Jason Lawson says the changes have also changed the atmosphere.

“We’re hoping the public will use it more,” Lawson said. “Hopefully Quaker Penn will become the next community park.”

The grounds at Quaker Penn Park. Image via Facebook.

The Falls Township Board of Supervisors voted for the $62,858 project Tuesday night. They decided to use the second lowest bidder’s offer, as the lowest had several errors.

The total park revamp should cost slightly more than $237,000, though state grants will help with the bulk amount. Falls Township will only pay 25%, or just shy of $60,000.

Work has already started as Public Work employees installed underground electrical conduit and light pole bases.

Residents can check out the new and improved Quaker Penn Park right next door to Pennsbury Manor. First timers can find it at 350 Pennsbury Memorial Road in Morrisville.

WBCB’s Courtney Fegley contributed to this post.