Prom Night Shooter Sentenced For Attempted Murder

Gary Goddard, 49. Photo via Crimewatch.

A Bristol Township man will be spending the next 12.5 to 25 years in state prison for the attempted murder of a teenager on prom night in 2018.

Gary Goddard, 49, was convicted by a jury of his peers after shooting a 19-year-old point blank in the head.

Zyisean McDuffie was one of two teenagers, along with Tommy Ballard, murdered on May 4, 2018. But, despite Goddard’s best efforts, McDuffie did not die from the wound to his head.

“Zyisean McDuffie was on his last moments when Mr. Goddard decided to put a bullet in his head like he was an animal on the side of the road,” said Deputy District Attorney Antonetta Stancu.

Instead, it was an additional shot from Joseph Williams, 19, that ultimately killed McDuffie.

Joseph Williams, 19. Photo: Crime Watch.

The night of the shooting, McDuffie and Ballard showed up to residence in Windsor Village with several people on the front porch. The two arrived in a vehicle with Jahmier Wilson, 23. Wilson confronted Williams and the two argued, according to authorities.

Williams then drew a firearm and began firing. Two of the bullets entered a home where four people and a 3-year-old were enjoying their evening.

Then Goddard showed up with his own handgun, as his son was part of the group taking photos before prom.

“I understand, on some level, wanting to defend your son,” Judge Alan M. Rubenstein said. “But that’s not what happened here. You knew what you were doing. This did not happen in a moment of panic for you.”

Williams will serve two life sentences for the homicides.