Pothole Repairs Coming To Bucks County

Crews in Massachusetts repair potholes in 2010.

PennDOT and contractor crews will bring smiles to faces all throughout Pennsylvania as they plan to work on more than 60 state highways this week. The workers will fill in potholes on the five dozen roadways, including almost two dozen in Lower Bucks.

Repairs will not require any lane closures, according to PennDOT Communication Relations Coordinator Ayanna Williams. Instead, this is a moving operation. Maintenance crews will slow their trucks briefly, do the job, and keep going to the next one. This will slow down traffic very briefly.

Each week, PennDOT will release a new list of streets and highways for pothole filling. These roads are only the ones schedules for this week. The cost is covered through PennDOT’s maintenance budget.

The following roads will have less potholes when work is done:
  • U.S.1 in Morrisville Borough;
  • Route 213 (Maple Avenue) in Middletown Township;
  • Route 332 (Afton Avenue) in Yardley Borough;
  • Lincoln Highway in Falls Township;
  • Old Lincoln Highway in Penndel Borough;
  • Pennsylvania Ave in Morrisville Borough;
  • Bath Road in Bristol and Falls townships, and Bristol Borough;
  • Oxford Valley Road in Bristol and Falls townships, and Bristol Borough;
  • Woodbourne Road in Middletown Township;
  • Hood Boulevard in Falls Township;
  • Penn Valley Road in Falls Township;
  • Trenton Road in Falls Township;
  • Fallsington/Tullytown Road in Falls Township;
  • Big Oak Road in Lower Makefield and Falls townships;
  • Yardley Morrisville Road/Pine Grove Road in Lower Makefield Township;
  • Oxford Valley Road/ Heacock Road in, Falls, Bristol, and Lower Makefield townships and Bristol Borough;
  • Stoney Hill Road in Lower Makefield Township;
  • Stoopville Road in Newtown Township;
  • Trenton Road in Middletown Township;
  • Bristol Road in Warminster and Warwick townships;
  • Street Road in Warrington Township;