A new stage in the plan to refurbish, remodel, and reinvigorate the Wells Fargo Arena is officially in the works. Comcast Spectator, a company formed with Flyers creator Ed Snider, is funding this next step in home of the Flyers and Sixers.

The previous upgrades resulted in new seating and complimentary WiFi, but this time the renovations go even further. The mezzanine level has been completely redesigned to feature new open views of the Philadelphia skyline and 8,000 new seats.

Technological upgrades are also planned to surpass any other changes since the Wells Fargo’s opening in 1996. 150 new LED screens will be installed, and total coverage of screens will be greater than any other NHL or NBA arena. To go with them is a brand new sound system complete with new amps, speakers, and mixers to extend the range and clarity of sound.

These changes are on schedule to be complete by the fall of 2018.