A statewide program aiming “to shape the future of STEM” has accepted a Pennsbury High School teacher as one of 32 PA STEM Ambassadors.

Jessica Perfetto teaches technology at Pennsbury and also holds a lengthy title: Curriculum Coordinator for Applied Engineering & Technology Education. Now she has an opportunity to impact education for thousands of students across the state.

Jessica Perfetto. Photo courtesy Pennsbury School District.

Throughout the next nine months, Perfetto will work with her peers from school districts throughout the state in training and policy development. The goal is to give teachers a more weight in shaping STEM education policy issues.

“STEM provides students a conduit to apply content gained from traditional classes, and creates relevance to future careers and skills that today’s employers demand,” said Ms. Perfetto. “In the Applied Engineering Department at Pennsbury, we build student confidence to develop divergent thinking. The answer is not always in the back of a textbook. There is more than one solution to a problem.”

The Pennsylvania Statewide Afterschool/Youth Development Network dedicates itself to supporting quality afterschool programs. The organization provided training to the PA Stem Ambassadors and will help connect them with local and state legislators.

“In order for Pennsylvania to lead in STEM policy, we need to develop leaders across the state to advocate for bipartisan support in advancing STEM Education policies and to have the respect and influence to affect change,” said PSAYDN Director Laura Saccente. “PA STEM Ambassadors have been a vital part in shaping STEM education and workforce policies.”

Perfetto first met with her fellow ambassadors in late February. She will continue to represent Pennsbury through the end of the year.