Pennsbury School District is hosting its 71st annual Sports Nite this weekend, Friday and Saturday nights, and tickets are completely sold out. To help as many people see the competition as possible, WBCB 1490 is coordinating with the school district to livestream every moment straight from Charles Boehm Middle School.

Held every year, Sports Nite is a Pennsbury tradition where juniors and seniors on teams Orange and Black battle it out to determine the winning team. Separated based on gym class, the night offers a chance to display school spirit, cheer on friends, and have fun.

Pennsbury High School Athletic Director Lou Sudholz has been to more than 20 nights throughout his years. He loves the energy students put into the evening.

“The kids are pumped up, they’re excited,” Sudholz said. “You don’t always see school spirit at various events, but Sports Nite is just one of those things where the amount of school spirit is incredible. Other high schools in the area have their gym nights or whatever, but this is definitely something unique to Pennsbury, that’s for sure.”

Friday night’s coverage begins at 7 p.m. while Saturday starts a bit earlier at 6 p.m. Watching the video stream is completely free and will be available here.