Newtown Police Host Coffee With A Cop

Chief John Hearn meets with a resident whose daughter wants to become a police officer. Photo by Rick Rickman.

Dozens of residents came out Friday morning to the Corner Bakery Cafe in Newtown to meet with local law enforcement as part of Coffee with a Cop.

Corporal Paul Deppi helped coordinate the event with the Corner Bakery and complemented their spread. Residents and offer had the privilege of drinking the “Bakers Brew,” along with trying cinnamon rolls and cookies.

“Compared to 7-Eleven and Dunkin’ Donuts, which isn’t open 24 hours anymore, and coffee we have at the station, this is pretty good” Deppi said. He quoted Pulp Fiction to get the point across. “Good gourmet stuff.”

Some locals stopped by for the food, but many wanted to meet their Newtown Township Police officers. Within just one hour, about 40 people turned out to the sixth installment of Newtown Coffee with a Cop. This is quite a steep increase from their first event when just half a dozen people arrived throughout the full three hours.

The Corner Bakery Cafe supplied coffee, cookies, and cinnamon rolls to residents and officers.

One woman asked some questions because her daughter applied with her boyfriend to become police officers. Another man simply thought it would be a good idea to have a conversation with local police about life in the township.

“This is a good way of bridging gaps and having conversations with people,” Deppi said. “They’re not afraid to talk to an officer, they see we’re people in the community. We’re brothers, husbands, fathers, neighbors, coaches.”

Additionally, having a quick talk while drinking a cup of coffee is a good way of keeping up with any issues in the community. One officer said it helped create a lot of little victories to construct a relationship, and Deppi explained the more casual atmosphere is intrumental.

“If there is an incident, people are a little more comfortable approaching us. Rather than coming to the police station behind the bullet proof glass and with all the security concerns,” Deppi said. Some residents come out to speak about speeders in their neighborhood, or stop signs being hard to see behind trees. “Minor things to some people, but to us it’s a way we can help bridge the gap with the community.'”

The Newtown Township Police are hosting another Coffee with a Cop event next week as well. Wrightstown residents can grab a quick cup of joe at the Fancy Fig on May 1, from 5 to 7 p.m. located at 2310 Second Street Pike.