Artificial intelligence will be making its way into every GIANT food store in the nation as a way to help workers around the store. The robot can spot spills and report back to employees so they are free to help customers.

Marty the robot makes his way though a GIANT food store.

He is tall, grey, and has googly eyes. And his name is Marty.

Each GIANT will have their own Marty to help increase efficiency and free up employees. Adding the electronic assistant to the mix is a big deal to GIANT President Nicholas Bertram.

“Bringing robotics and A.I. from a research lab to the sales floor has been a very exciting journey, and we were thrilled by the customer response in our pilot stores,” Bertram said. “Our associates have worked hard to bring this innovation to life with amazing partners.”

Marty is the result of long term research and even in-store testing. Two GIANT locations in Harrisburg and Carlisle have made use of their robots over the past year. Retail Business Services, GIANT, and Jabil subsidiary Badger Technologies cooperated to make him a reality.

All 172 GIANT and MARTIN’S food store locations should have their own googly-eyed robot by mid-2019.