Maple Point Helps “Angels In Motion” For MLK Day Of Service

Students at Maple Point Middle School participate in the third annual MLK Day of Service. Photo via Chris Stanley.

More than 300 students at Maple Point Middle School helped to put together “Blessing Bags” for those in need Monday. The school hosts this MLK Day of Service annually in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

In 2019, students put together more than 1000 Blessing Bags with Angels in Motion. The non-profit based in Philadelphia focuses on helping the homeless and those with substance abuse disorder.

This year, each grade level had its own task in the school cafeteria.

Fifth graders made “hope notes,” while sixth graders constructed the Bags with food. Meanwhile, seventh grade students put together peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the homeless and eighth graders made mats for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Students also added resources with information to the Blessing Bags so those in need could reach out for help. And other grade levels from outside the middle school attended as well.

One high school student, Sophia, worked to help with “quality control.” She said the day was about providing “as much food and love as we can to people struggling with addiction.”

Principal Andy Sokol participated as well. He said the MLK Day of Service has a larger purpose.

MLK Day of Service
Ms. Beth Hagedorn instructs students on their next task. Photo via Chris Stanley.

“Really, it’s about having our kids understand what the day is about: serving others and making them aware the people that we’re serving are in need of certain things. And it’s a great turn out.”

Sokol said one fifth-grade teacher, Beth Hagedorn, led the charge to organize the charitable event.

“We embraced it and it continues to grow every year,” Sokol explained. “It’s an awesome event for our students and for our community members.”

Last year, the school put all the proceeds from a school dance toward buying food in preparation for Angels in Motion.

The partnership with Angels in Motion began in 2018. With the project’s success so far, Maple Point is looking to expand next year. The scope of this MLK Day of Service could double, according to Neshaminy School District Community Relations Coordinator Chris Stanley.