The Lower Southampton Township Police are celebrating after one officer solved a case in less than 24 hours.

Officer Gray Newman stands with a rescued barrel, while the injured barrel sits behind him. Image via Crimewatch.

Authorities posted video footage of two thieves nabbing display whiskey barrels from the Moss Mill Brewery Tuesday. The suspects rolled up in a grey van with their trunk wide open and moved swiftly, according to police.

“Officials can only speculate what these ‘barrel busters’ will be using them for other than going over waterfalls, keeping monkeys in, or perhaps the production of moonshine liquor,” a press release stated. “If you notice anyone having fun with barrels in your neighborhood, we would like to hear from you.”

But, it turns out the LSPD did not need much help. Officer Gray Newman was conducting a routine patrol Wednesday and spotted the van used in the theft.

Newman quickly investigated, and the suspect revealed where the barrels were stashed, police say. They quickly returned the barrels to the brewing company off Buck Road in Huntington Valley.

Unfortunately, the suspects “harmed” one barrel when they sawed it in half. Police confirmed arrest information will come soon. This page will be updated with new details as they come.