The Levittown Salvation Army held its Annual Appreciation Brunch at Middletown Country Club Saturday morning. This breakfast is held to thanking volunteers and donors for their service towards the organization.

Bill Smith, chair of the advisory board, excitedly exclaimed that the volunteers are the back bone of the organization

“The salvation army does not function without our volunteers,” Smith said. “They are our bread and butter and we are just recognizing them, showing them we appreciate all that we do.”

Bristol Rotary, Shady Brook Rotary and Hugh B Eastburn Marine Corps League were honored for fundraising for the Salvation Army last year. They were given awards for their efforts which will help feed 600 people and clothe over 1000 children.

Pennsbury School District was honored for its fundraising and in helping the organization as well as allowing students to volunteer.

“Pennsbury has done an awesome job teaching students about what all of this is about,” Smith said. “They are learning about what they do and they will remember serving others.”

The Levittown Salvation Army was the first suburban division of the Salvation Army. They are based out of Levittown in the Appletree section.