Lower Makefield Township residents came out in force to the Planning Commission meeting Monday night. Each wanted to give their opinions on the proposed Wegmans and luxury apartments combo across from Shady Brook Farm. Overwhelmingly, they said, “No.”

Ultimately, there were too many speakers, with 17 still lined up to address the planning commission. The meeting was continued to Monday, Sept. 23 at Pennwood Middle School. Check the full WBCB live stream on WBCBNews.com.

Video from the Lower Makefield Planning Commission Monday evening.

One local resident drew a particularly large round of applause after the “Prickett Preserve at Edgewood” was projected to garner $200,000 per year in tax revenue.

“This project is going to generate to the township $200,000 a year. Wow, isn’t that amazing,” the man named Larry said sarcastically. “Why are we going through all this falderal for $200,000 a year?”

Larry continued, raising a point that a new 200 unit apartment complex would require expenses on behalf of the township. If he is right, this would cut into projected revenues.

“I like Wegmans. It’s a pretty little store, it’s a nice place to go to. And in a vacuum, I’d love to see one. I don’t need it in my neighborhood.”

John, a Yardley resident from Sandy Run Road, used the opportunity to take a shot at Middletown Township.

“If you’re wondering where this slippery slope leads, if you haven’t already, please take Oxford Valley over to where it meets Business Route 1, and look at the giant M,” John said. “With the tacky advertising billboard on it. We don’t want a giant M representing Makefield.”

Meanwhile, another resident named Mary challenged the idea that change is always good.

“Not all change is good,” Mary said. “We all moved here for a reason. And we want our community to have a certain look.”

Another local resident, Keith, made a prediction. 

“Guess what, this is going to be Street Road, and if anybody has been on Street Road it’s a death trap. Please, please do the right thing and do not support this.”

The continued meeting on Sept. 23 begins at 7:30 p.m. in the Pennwood Middle School auditorium, located at 1523 Makefield Road in Yardley.