Langhorne Classic Car Show Fills Maple Avenue

A child admires an orange vintage vehicle at the Langhorne Classic Car Show Saturday afternoon. Photo by Manny Jones.

The Langhorne Classic Car show was held Saturday afternoon right in the center of the borough. From Green Street to North Pine Street, the event filled up Maple Avenue in downtown Langhorne.

Hundreds of members of the community attended the local tradition and observed a wide range of vehicles from car show entrees. Cars ranging from 56’ Chevy Bel Air’s to decked out 08 Dodge Challengers were out on full display.

Attendees were able to look at cars, eat food made by local business and listen to live music from local bands. The proceeds from the event went to a great cause.

“This year we are giving part of the proceeds to the American Legion” says John Keefe, business owner and co-organizer of the event. ”It is their 100th anniversary, and we thought we would ride their tail and go with that.”

The Jesse W. Soby Post is celebrating throughout the year with several events, including a grand Memorial Day parade. And Keefe, a member of the Langhorne Borough Business Association, knows the impact this car show has on the community.

“Everybody’s enjoying the day together; it’s a spectacular day for the community. Whatever proceeds are left go back to the community in other ways through the business association, so it all gets fed back to us.”

This is the Borough’s 15th car show. Cars were also able to enter into contests with 8 different categories.

WBCB’s Manny Jones contributed to this post.

Other pictures from the Langhorne Classic Car Show. Click to enlarge.