The man who struck and killed a beloved elderly Levittown resident last year is facing up to 30 years in state prison. Anthony Woods, now 42, plead guilty Tuesday to several charges including vehicular manslaughter for the death of Emmanuel “Manny” Weintraub, 70.

Anthony Woods, 42. Image via Crimewatch.

The Falls Township community was devastated last August when Weintraub was found in the road in front of JoJo’s Ice Cream on New Falls Road. Face down and unconscious under the dark of night, first responders transported Weintraub to St. Mary Medical Center. He was pronounced dead only an hour later.

To the dismay of the victim’s wife Charlotte Weintraub, Woods did not even slow down after the collision. It took police several days to track down the perpetrator, and for good reason.

When he saw the incident in the news, Woods took steps to cover his tracks. He even took his 2007 Nissan Altima to a repair shop to fix his windshield.

Video footage the night of August 21, 2018 showing Woods’ vehicle. Photo via Crimewatch.

Deputy District Attorney Robert D. James said it was important to Weintraub’s family for Woods to face the consequences of his actions.

“Woods’ actions before, during and after the incident demanded a conviction for the most serious offense he could be charged with under the law,” James explained. “He deserves to serve every day of that 30 years behind bars for the damage he caused to his victim, the victim’s family and the community.”

Interviews with the Falls Township Police reveal more about Woods’ mindset during the incident. Woods told police he initially thought the victim was a child, but still didn’t stop because of drugs in his system.

As it turns out, Woods was on his way back from buying and using heroin in Philadelphia. Police found empty drug baggies in his car confirming the story.

Many will remember Manny Weintraub as an active member of the Falls Township community. Weintraub was on his way back from a fundraiser at JoJo’s for animal shelters the night of the incident.