The Morrisville Senior Center is offering free job training on computer and job search skills to older adults starting next month. Classes begin Apr. 1 at the facility located at 31 E. Cleveland Avenue for people 55 years old and better.

The job training program’s flyer. Click to enlarge.

The program has two main components. First, computer skills training will help people with fundamentals including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Additionally, career coaches will help students with the job search process in the technology age. LinkedIn, networking, and resume development are all vital to finding employers looking for adults with experience.

Executive Director Clark Shuster says these classes are for people who just need a push to get back out there.

“These courses are really designed for people 55 and over who are seeking to possibly reenter the job market or advance in their own career, it’s not necessarly for people who are already retired,” Shuster clarified.

The program comes thanks to a $150,000 grant State Rep. Perry Warren helped secure last year. Shuster says the course is there because people have asked for it.

“We live in an area where folks need this service. We’ve already received quite a few number of phone calls for these courses we’re offering starting next month,” Shuster said. “There’s a need out there.”

The Morrisville Senior Center has a new computer lab perfect for this style of training. Anyone looking for more information can reach out to the center at 215-295-0567 or visit their website here.

The program is made possible in partnership with PA Career Link, Bucks County Area Agency on Aging, and the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP).