In Memoriam: Michael G. Fitzpatrick

Former Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick passed away in the early morning hours of January 6, on his terms, surrounded by the family he loved. He gave up the good, six-year fight against melanoma, a mean disease that darted from one spot to another in his body, defying the course of treatment provided by physicians, science, love, prayers and his own steely fortitude.

Official portrait of Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-08), 2013.

He exceeded the predicted life expectancy for this cancer, due to medical advances, but perhaps (also) his ability to set goals, practice his faith, and trust in God.

And so we thought Mike would come out of the fight, victorious.

Mike Fitzpatrick, husband, father, grandfather, son, brother, lawyer, county commissioner, congressman passed though this world leaving his mark on the people and institutions he served. He will be remembered for all he contributed, and even idolized in death, which would not be comfortable for such a humble man.

To some of us, Mike was more Eagle Scout than Republican. His good deeds, dedication and patriotism sprung from a deeper well, which is another way to honor him – and remember.