January brings the focus on human trafficking, and a local film company is trying to raise awareness of what’s happening in your own backyard.  The Crossing, located at 1895 Wrightstown Road, is hosting a documentary screening of “From Liberty To Captivity” next week.

The Crossing in Washington Crossing.

Showing for a second time on Monday, Jan. 21 at 3 p.m., the documentary features the realities of trafficking filmed in Pennsylvania.

Life Care Advocate at Bucks County Elder Law Sarah Floyd believes the film is an important watch for seniors.

“Human trafficking is our new slavery,” Floyd said. “You think this only happens in Africa or other places, well it’s happening in Bucks County. It’s really important that [seniors] stay plugged in politically, community wise, with what’s going on in our county, state, and country.”

Like its first screening on Jan. 4, a 20 minute panel of local experts will help viewers talk through any questions the film might bring up. With help from the Bucks Coalition Against Trafficking, The Synergy Project, and Worthwhile Wear/The Well, the event aims to educate the community.

From Liberty To Captivity is the vision of Director and producer Debbie Wright. She devised it as a way to reach people about something lurking the the darkest crevices of society.

“Like so many people, I was not aware that sex trafficking was an issue in America, and certainly not in Bucks County,” Wright said. “As I learned the shocking reality, and more importantly, the impact that citizens can have on this issue, I felt compelled to bring the truth, inspiring stories and this message of hope to our state and nation.”

Due to the sensitivity of the topic, no unaccompanied minors under the age of 18 will be allowed. An option is available for parents who cannot leave their children at home, but don’t want them watching. Fun activities for children 5 years old and younger are available throughout the screening.

A trailer for the movie can be found below: