HIV Positive Yardley Man Accused Of Prositution

Mark Andrew Kernan, 57. Image via District Attorney's Office.

Bucks County officials are warning the public about a Yardley man accused of selling his body while knowing he had HIV.

Kernan’s residence at 300 S. Main Street, the second floor of unit 1406. Image via District Attorney’s Office.

The District Attorney’s Office is charging Mark Andrew Kernan, 57, with multiple felonies including prostitution and dealing meth. Court documents show Kernan informed police he was aware of his diagnosis while he conducted business.

DA Matt Weintraub says this is not about shaming people.

“This is a public health issue. We are not making morality judgments here,” said DA Matt Weintraub. “If you’ve had sexual contact with this man, seek a medical evaluation immediately.”

Investigators say Kernan used his residence at Yardley Commons to sell “erotic male massages” since at least December of 2017.  Kernan allegedly offered services including sex and methamphetamine to an informant cooperating with police for $575.

The anonymous man, only known as J.S. says he met with Kernan on Jan. 3. He claims they and a third person became intoxicated, smoked substances from a pipe, and spent the evening together.

Anyone who may have met with Kernan intimately should call Bucks County Detective Lt. Robert Gorman at 215.340.8141.