Habitat Bucks has announced a new partnership with a Philadelphia construction company to prevent recyclable materials from heading to landfills.

Founded in 2004, Revolution Recovery is a construction and industrial materials recycling company. With more than 100 employees, it offers trucks to transport materials from construction sites to drop off sites.

Habitat Bucks diverted more than 80% of its waste from the landfill in 2018. They estimate eliminating almost 4 million pound of waste in just the past year.

“Habitat for Humanity of Bucks County is proud to partner with Revolution Recovery. Waste removal is not just a utility we all need to pay. It’s an opportunity, and a partnership to do good and support our environment,” says B.J. Breish, Habitat Bucks ReStore Director. “The Habitat Bucks ReStores keep the planet a little greener by recycling and upcycling materials that would have ended up in a landfill.”

Revolution Recovery Business Development Associate Mike Castellano says they are delighted to refer their customers to Habitat Bucks.

“There is immeasurable value in collaborating with an organization like Habitat Bucks that shares our core goal of reclaiming construction materials for better use,” Castellano said. “As a society, our waste management priority should be to reuse first and recycle second; this partnership with Habitat Bucks uniquely enables both solutions.”