Habitat Bucks is teaming up with various organizations to improve home affordability to families in need. The local is non-profit will join branches throughout the country in launching the “Cost of Home” advocacy campaign. Its mission is to enhance home affordability to 10 million people in the next 5 years.

Habitat Bucks breaks ground at four new affordable homes in Morrisville in Oct. 2018.

According to Habitat Bucks, 19 million families across the nation spend half or more of their financial income on a place to live. Families are living without food and health care so they can afford a home.

Marketing and Outreach Director of Habitat Bucks Colleen Brink says “At habitat we
know that a family should never have to spend 30% of their income on a home. One in six
families are denied the personal and economic stability that a safe and decent affordable house provides.”

The Cost of Home campaign seeks to identify policy changes for home ownership to
become equitable at the local, state and federal level. Unfortunately, the cost of home ownership is escalating and wages could not possibly keep up.

As part of the campaign, Habitat Bucks is teaming up with the National Community Stabilization Trust to revamp vacant properties into future homes.

“We have 48 hours to look at a distressed property and decide whether or not we can
make the numbers work, then turn it into a habitat home,” Brink said. Habitat Bucks is also enlarging their home repair in order to improve critical homes to retain affordable housing.

The local non profit organization is looking to give families the chance to have a balance
between health, food, transportation and home ownership. “Our target audience is people who make 80 percent of the median income for our county and below Brink said”.

Habitat Bucks wants to give a chance to families who are struggling the hardest. Brink believes families deserve to live, rather than survive; this is one big step to give families the life they deserve.

WBCB’s Kayla Santiago contributed to this post.