A disturbing video has recently been released of a young girl performing sexual acts with a dog, and it is spreading like wildfire amongst students in the Bucks County area. The video allegedly has a note saying the student is from “Central,” but its origin still remains unclear. Pennsylvania State Police are in the midst of an investigation.

Administrators across the Bristol Borough, Bristol Township, Council Rock, Neshaminy, Palisades, Pennsbury, Pennridge, and Quakertown school districts have contacted parents, warning them of the situation at hand.

Pennsbury School District superintendent, Dr. William Gretzula, encourages parents to use this incident as a teachable moment for their children regarding online safety. Students must be aware of the consequences that come with recording, viewing, and sharing such explicit content.

“It is a good opportunity to remind your children that we all create digital footprints,” Gretzula said in a letter sent out to parents. “And deleted material can still be discoverable by authorities at a later date, if appropriate and necessary.”

Not only is the girl’s act a criminal offense, but downloading and sharing the video is as well. Furthermore, the girl in the video may be a minor making it child pornography. The repercussions of affiliating with such content can be life-altering. Students should delete the footage immediately, as they, too, can face criminal charges.

WBCB’s Courtney Fegley contributed to this post.