General Motors Workers Strike Enter Day Ten

A fire pit surrounded by chairs sits outside the Cabot Boulevard General Motors entrance. Photo by Rick Rickman.

More than 70 employees at the Langhorne General Motors facility are still on strike Wednesday as petitioning enters day ten. They stand with more than 50,000 members of the United Auto Workers union throughout the nation.

Donations pile up from UAW supporters.

Workers on strike stood holding signs at the entrances to the facility on Cabot Boulevard and at the US Route 1 Fairless Hills exit. Day and night, they stand fighting for higher wages, benefits, and full time employment. Each camp had a fire pit to stay warm for the overnight shift.

While Cabot Blvd is more secluded, many drivers passed the Fairless Hills exit. They honked their horns and waved to show their support.

Others went a step above, bringing food and coffee to the strikers. One worker, George said there was so much in donations it might even go to waste.

“It’s an awful lot of food. Donuts, pretzels, pastries,” said George. “They’re just riding by and they drop them off. ”

Additionally, each of the UAW strikers was looking forward to Saturday, Sept. 28. All of the striking employees will gather at the camps at noon for a large demonstration. They are hoping the