Spring is in the air and one way motorists can tell is at the pump.

Triple A Mid-Atlantic spokesperson Kathleen Zinszer says gas prices in Pennsylvania are sitting at an average of $2.76 per gallon.

“This is actually an increase of seven cents in the past week,” Zinszer. “This trend is not specific to Pennsylvania, it’s happening throughout the country.”

Every spring, gas stations must switch over to a different blend of gasoline for warmer weather. Changing over is necessary as chemicals in the gasoline perform differently depending on temperature, which can cause problems for vehicles.

This summer gas gets slightly better mileage, but costs more to produce. The added production cost is passed onto consumers.

Additionally, more people drive in warmer weather. Even if the price per gallon stayed the same, households would be spending more on gas overall.

Zinszer also says oil refineries throughout the country are down for maintenance, which they do twice per year.

“When refineries go down for maintenance, there is less of a supply,” Zinszer explained. “And as the weather gets warmer, you get a higher demand. Less supply and higher demand makes for a higher price.”

Zinszer admitted it’s not pleasant, but this is something that happens every single year.