State Rep. Frank Farry continues to add to his list of responsibilities. Speaker Mike Turzai has named Farry to the Gaming Oversight Committee for the 2019-2020 legislative session.

Farry was the primary sponsor of legislation to legalize sports betting, signed into law in 2017. Parx Casino opened its doors to the new experience two weeks ago. Farry placed the “first bet” in the region, putting $20 on the Eagles.

From left: Rep. Gene DiGirolamo; Sen. Tommy Tomlinson; Bensalem Mayor Joseph DiGirolamo and Rep. Frank Farry at the opening of Parx Casino Sports betting.

“Having had a role in shaping gaming expansion legislation last session, I’m looking forward to this new assignment, which will allow me to more closely monitor the impacts it has on our communities,” Farry said. “The jobs created and revenue raised from gaming is used to support important programs and services in Pennsylvania and is used to offset the need to raise taxes so it’s very vital that we ensure the industry continues to thrive.”

The gaming industry in Pennsylvania has raised $15 billion in tax revenue and employs 18,000 people. It has also generated $4 billion in property tax relief.

While on the Gaming Oversight Committee, Farry will help manage slot machine gaming, bingo, small games of chance, amusement laws and table games in Pennsylvania. The committee also oversees the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and related affairs with enforcement agencies.

Turzai appointed State Rep. Farry to House Ethics Committee chairman for the current session earlier this year. He will also retain his seats House Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness and the Consumer Affairs committees.