State Rep. John Galloway is calling on the state Senate to pass a piece of legislation to help close loopholes on the misclassification of workers. The lawmaker claims this illegal practice costs the state almost $300 million each year.

House Bill 716 would create a joint task force to investigate the issue of misclassifying employees. It would bring in the PA Attorney General, the secretary of Labor and Industry, and several people with experience in industries affected by misclassification.

The bill passed the state House last session unanimously 198-0. It has also passed all necessary committees in the state Senate.

“It is on the goal line, you can’t get any closer,” Galloway said. “All it has to do is get brought up, voted on, and sent to the governor.”

Along with underpaying employees and not providing proper benefits, misclassification has an affect on honest companies. With lower costs for improper operators, they can make higher bids for contracts.

From left: State Rep. Perry Warren, Kevin Marrow, State Rep. John Galloway.

Kevin Marrow has been a carpenter for 20 years and joined Galloway to voice his support.

“The bill is put together and is ready to go and it needs to be passed in order to start collecting this revenue as quickly as possible.”

State Rep. Perry visited Galloway at his office on New Falls Road in Levittown to advocate for the bills.

“We picked this day because we’re coming right off of Labor Day. Labor Day celebrates workers in the United States and what workers are contributing to our economy and to our nation, but also because we’re returning to voting session in just two weeks.”

Galloway expressed being upset with the state Senate, as he claimed there was a “handshake deal” to vote on H.B. 716 before the end of last session. He is hoping the body calls up the bill for a vote early this fall.