Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick will be voting to end the government shutdown without any funding for a border wall. With Democrats taking control in the House of Representatives, Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to deny President Trump a dime after Wednesday’s meeting.

The House Representative said in an interview Wednesday he wants an actual discussion between Democrats and Republicans.

Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick speaks about his views on the shutdown on CNN.

“I hope they talk to each other,” Fitzpatrick said. “I hope they try to learn from each other. I’m a big believer, as is our Problem Solvers Caucus, in viewing people that think differently as a strength to be harnessed and not a weakness to be criticized.”

The move is a break away from most House Republicans. Fitzpatrick voted for the House funding bill last month, which gave $5 billion for border wall funding, in hopes it would keep the government open.

“I have not, and will not, vote to shut down the government,” Fitzpatrick said in a statement at the time. “It’s the basic duty of Congress to fund the federal government. Shutdowns disrupt government services, compromise national security, and cause uncertainty for federal employees.”

Now with Democrats controlling the House, they are putting forward their own funding bill without any money for a wall. The legislation is not likely to pass the Senate or be signed by the President.

“I hope they act like adults and not children,” Fitzpatrick continued in his interview. “I hope they don’t talk at each other, but they try to listen and find out where the other people are coming from.”

Fitzpatrick has also turned down pay completely during the shutdown. While members of Congress can collect their paychecks during the shutdown unlike most federal employees, the Congressman has opted out.

“I am not delaying my pay; I am sending it back to the United States Treasury,” Fitzpatrick said. “And I am not only encouraging, but I am urging, all my colleagues, both Republican and Democrat, to do the same.”

It is Day 13 into the shutdown with no sign yet of progress.