Congress is taking bigger steps to fight chemicals found in the water in Horsham and the surrounding area. Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick and Congressman Dan Kildee (MI-05) introduced the bipartisan PFAS Task Force Wednesday to combat unsafe drinking water.

This group is part of continued efforts to clean up the drinking wells and systems in Horsham and surrounding areas. The PFAS Task Force will bring the issue of clean drinking water in Bucks and Montgomery Counties to the federal level.

Fitzpatrick will co-chair the task force to ultimately introduce legislation for safe water. The second term representative says he is proud to lead the fight in protecting people from harmful chemicals.

“For residents of Bucks and Montgomery counties and communities around the nation, action must be immediately taken on a federal level to remediate PFAS contamination,” stated Fitzpatrick. “I am proud to lead this bipartisan task force with Congressman Kildee and I look forward to continuing to fight for the safety and health of our constituents.”

Fitzpatrick’s office states the task force will have several missions:

  • Hold informational events to educate Members of Congress and their staff to increase awareness about PFAS chemicals.
  • Craft legislation to address PFAS contamination.
  • Meet with congressional leadership, committee chairs and ranking members to ensure PFAS is adequately and more urgently addressed.
  • Fight for more robust funding through federal appropriations to clean up PFAS contamination.

“The establishment of the PFAS Task Force will put the issue of clean drinking water front and center in Washington, D.C.,” Fitzpatrick explained. “Which is a critical step in the right direction to protecting the American people from exposure to these harmful chemicals.”