The Feasterville Business Association is making its annual administrative mix ups. The FBA is bringing in new officers and moving the ones already contributing to the organization up through the ranks.

Charles Roman, funeral director/supervisor for Kirk & Nice.

Charles Roman will be taking up the mantel of president for the FBA’s 70th year. He is the funeral director/supervisor for Kirk & Nice in Feasterville and served as vice-president in the FBA for the past year.

Roman replaces former president and Cheese Dawgs Restaurant owner Rick Tyrrell, who will be joining the executive board.

Roman said he considers the Feasterville Business Association beneficial both from a business and a social perspective.

“It’s a very tightknit group,” Roman explained. “Everyone seems to support one another and it just demonstrates the benefit and strength of teamwork.”

The FBA’s mission remains unchanged: to encourage growth and progress for the betterment of the community.

The Business Association takes part in traditional events every year including Easter egg hunts and pancake breakfasts. It also offers networking and marketing opportunities for Feasterville.

In 2018, the organization donated scholarships to two ambitious rising college students based on their academic performance and community participation.

More information on the FBA is available at their website Anyone interested in joining, or just general information, can reach them at 215-436-9768 or send an email to