The consequences of a Falls Township meth dealer’s actions have become crystal clear as Judge Jeffrey Finley sentenced him to hard time in state prison.

Shakeem Carter, 36. Photo via Crimewatch.

Shakeem Rasheed Carter, 36, plead guilty to several charges Monday related to distributing methamphetamine throughout the community. Police bought his supply on four separate occasions as part of their investigation to collect evidence.

Middletown Township Police went to arrest Carter last April at his Rock Springs Apartments, which he used as a base of operations. They found him next to the toilet ripping open bags of meth. Reports say his hands were wet and covered in drugs.

During their search, detectives found even more of the drug and wads of cash. In case that wasn’t enough, they also found documents he used to keep track of his drug finances known as an “owe sheet.”

Carter’s sentence is five to ten years behind bars with an additional five years probation.