The Falls Planning Commission voted 4-0 Tuesday night to deny Elcon’s application to build on Keystone Industrial Port Complex. Their decision comes after more recent backlash due to Elcon’s phase two application reaching the half way point.

Residents speak at the Falls Township Public Meeting Room.

Environmental group Protect Our Water and Air sees last night’s decision comes as a victory for the region. POWA co-founder Lisa Baker says the Falls planning commission made the correct choice.

“We obviously feel that they made the right decision for the proposed site and surrounding area,” Baker said. “The PA DEP only looks at the facility in a ‘bubble,’ whereas Falls can, and should, consider the surrounding area and the bigger picture, including proximity to drinking water and residents, as well as existing polluting facilities and failing air quality.”

Elcon wants to build upon land currently owned by U.S Steel and was a part of the old Fairless Steel Plant. Elcon representatives did not want a vote at the meeting and where willing to make adjustments to their proposals if problems arose. Since their proposal was voted down, Elcon will have to submit a new proposal that fits with the commissions requirements.

The Falls Township Board of Supervisors will have a special Elcon meeting on April 30th at Pennsbury High School at 7 p.m.