Falls Opens 2019 Police Youth Academy Registration

Officer Yeager begins day 6 of the YPA in 2018. Photo by Lexi Howell.

Registration is now open for the Falls Township 2019 Police Youth Academy for teenagers who want to learn about the many different components of law enforcement. Designed for rising high school students and recent graduates, it demands focus and dedication.

Officer John Yeager leads the 10 day police academy style training program. He is known for his stand up behavior throughout the community and also teaching the Citizens Police Academy.

“It’s a very structured and disciplined program,” Yeager said. He also said there are certain standards for acceptance. “The student has to go to school. You can’t be out of school all the time and you can’t be late to school. And you can’t be a discipline problem. I don’t take any discipline problems. And most importantly, you have to try your best in school. And if your best is a D+, I’m cool with that because not everyone in this world is an A.”

While the program is situated in Falls Township, Yeager said students come from as far as Quakertown to participate. He also changes the curriculum roughly 60% each year so returning students have new things to learn as well.

Students line up for day 6 of the YPA in 2018. Photo by Lexi Howell.

The curriculum runs from Jul. 17 to August 1. Students will learn about teamwork and leadership, crime scene investigation, physical training, and much more.

Yeager said the only cost to the attendees is a one time $25 fee. He uses this fund to buy the kids lunch for the final day.

“But I buy enough food that I have enough left over to give to the custodial staff at the school,” Yeager said. “Because without the custodians, this program would never work. Dave Nickel and his staff at Pennsbury High School West are amazing.”

Both boys and girls are invited to join. Anyone looking to join the program should either speak with their guidance counselor or reach out to Officer Yeager. He is available at 267-716-2893 or at j.yeager@fallstwp.com.