Falls Officials Tout PA Bus Stopping Law

Pennsbury Director of Transportation Charlie Williams explains the Pennsylvania Bus Stop Law. Image via TMA Bucks.

Officials in Falls Township are reminding motorists about Pennsylvania’s Bus Stopping Law. TMA Bucks teamed up with the Pennsbury School District and Falls Township Police to promote a message of safety around school buses.

Pennsbury Director of Transportation Charlie Williams wants people to understand why the Bus Stopping Law matters. He believes the safety of school children is everybody’s responsibility.

“During the school year, big yellow buses like this one will be roaming through your neighborhood,” Williams said. “Picking up and dropping off enthusiastic and not-so-enthusiastic school children.”

Falls Officer Alexander Sansone.

When a bus begins flashing its amber lights, this means the driver will be stopping within 150 to 300 feet. This alerts drivers behind and around the bus to prepare for a complete stop.

“Once the bus is completely stopped, the red flashing lights are flashing, and the stop sign is extended all traffic around the bus must stop no less than 10 feet from the bus,” Williams explained. “That includes traffic coming from the opposite direction as long as it’s not separated by a physical barrier.”

Falls Officer Alexander Sansone joined the team to give the law’s perspective on people who want to pass school buses.

“If you’re convicted of violating the Pennsylvania Bus Stopping Law, you’d be subject to a $250 fine, five points on your license, and a 60 day license suspension,” Sansone said.

Sansone says the next time you see a school bus with its stop sign extended, it’s best to come to a complete stop. The full video is available here.